The Gardens Trust lecture series on Irish gardens (February 2023)

The Gardens Trust in the U.K. have organised a series of 4 online talks on historic gardens of Ireland. The lectures cost £5 individually or £16 for all four. Attendees will be sent a Zoom link prior to the start of the talk. Please see this EVENTBRITE LINK for details and registration:   1 […]

Prestigious RHS awards awarded to three Irish gardeners and IGPS members

This March sees three outstanding Irish gardeners and members of IGPS being awarded by the RHS for their invaluable contributions to the world of horticulture. Over the years we have all benefitted from their hard work, deep knowledge as well as generous sharing. Please join us in congratulating Thomas Pakenham, Seamus O’Brien and Paddy Mackie […]

Bergenia purpurascens ‘Irish Crimson’

Bergenia purpurascens ‘Irish Crimson’ Bergenia purpurascens ‘Irish Crimson’ is an exceptionally attractive plant in winter when its foliage turns an intense rich red with the onset of the first frosts while its spring pink/ruby red flowers above neat, narrow and upright foliage give another display of exquisite beauty. Given its small stature, it is best […]