Moorea Volumes 16 & 17 now available for digital download

Volumes 16 and 17 of Moorea, The Journal of the Irish Garden Plant Society, has just been made available as digital copies online. This journal is an occasional publication and is free to members of the society.


The contents of Volume 16 are:

  • “Reviving a Late Eighteenth-Century Town Garden (No 63 Merrion Square)” by Belinda Jupp 
  • “Phaius tankervilleae (Banks Ex L’Her) Blume- An Early Orchid Portrait by Lydia Shackleton” by Brendan Sayers, Charles Nelson and Alexandra Caccamo
  • “In the footsteps of Joseph Dalton Hooker – a Sikkim Adventure” by Seamus O’Brien 
  • “Hooker Rhododendrons – Irish interest in the 1850’s” by Mary Forrest  
  • “Aristocratic Ivies – some Noble Cousins of the Humble Ivy” by Carmel Duignan 
  • “Global and National Strategies for Plant Conservation and their Implications for Public, Private and Botanic Gardens” by Noeleen Smyth 
  • “An Overview of the History of Glenveagh Castle Gardens” by Sean O’Gaothaín 

And of Volume 17: 

  • “Frederick Moore – His Support for Horticulture in Ireland and Beyond” by Mary Forrest
  • “Lord Milo Talbot C.M.G., F.L.S.” by Anne James
  • “Irish Heritage Plants – Plandaí Oidhreachta” by Paddy Tobin
  • “Circe ‘The Plantress’ – Lady Londonderry’s Approach to Planting at Mount Stewart” by Neil Porteous
  • “Narcissus ‘Lady Moore’ and an Annotated Register” by Brendan Sayers, E. Charles Nelson, Duncan Donald & David Clarke
  • “The Royal Horticultural Society from the Early Twentieth Century – Gardening in Tumultuous Times” by Robert Myerscough
  • “An Alien Immigrant? The Story of Machay’s Heath, Erica Mackayana in Ireland” by Micheline Sheehy Skeffington