The Lismacloskey Rectory Garden, in the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum at Cultra, east of Belfast, is maintained by volunteers from the Irish Garden Plant Society and Museum volunteers. It is planted in a style suited to the era of the rectory, pre 1900, with plants of Irish origin incorporated as much as possible.

Sorbus ‘Autumn Spire’ – an Irish raised cultivar of sorbus which is ideal for the smaller garden, compact and upright.

The volunteers come each week to maintain the garden and will continue until November before taking their winter break. If you come to visit the Museum – and it is certainly worth this visit – seek out the Lismacloskey Rectory and enjoy the garden as well as the open house.

Photographs and text from Maeve Bell

An apple of Irish origin – Malus ‘Kerry Pippin’

Hypericum ‘Rowallane’ – an exceptional hypericum which originated at Rowallane Garden.
Penstemon ‘Evelyn’