Society Journal – Moorea

The society’s journal, Moorea, was first published in 1982 and is sent to every member during its year of publication.

About the Irish Garden Plant Society

The Irish Garden Plant Society is a conservation group for the preservation of garden plants, particularly those associated with Ireland. Formed in 1981, our society has taken the lead in researching, finding and propagating rare and threatened Irish plants to ensure their survival. Our regular Events are split into three groups, representing different geographic regions: […]

Plant Collection 3

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An historical appraisal of Mount Stewart by Neil Porteous

March 2013 Thursday 21st 7.30pm ‘An historical appraisal of Mount Stewart by Neil Porteous’ Neil is the Head Gardener at Mount Stewart, Co. Down and head of all the National Trust Gardens in Northern Ireland. In this illustrated lecture he will give an appraisal of Lady Londonderry’s contribution to horticulture, including many Irish Cultivars and […]

Munster Group AGM

AGM on Saturday 12th May 10.00am Hillsborough Courthouse, The Square, Hillsborough, Belfast. May 2012 Saturday 12th 10am for 10.30am ‘Annual General Meeting’

Gardening with Sensational Plant

December 2012 Wednesday 5th 7.30pm ‘Gardening with Sensational Plants – A Glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of a plantaholic by Deborah Begley’ Deborah is a self confessed plant alcoholic. She will take us on a whirlwind tour of her Terra Nova i.e. a half acre garden in the vale of Ireland. Lush and […]