Primula ‘Lady Greer’

Primula ‘Lady Greer’ As appeared in Newsletter 154, January 2022. Text and photo courtesy of Brendan Sayers Primula ‘Lady Greer’ is a plant that has graced our gardens for around 100 years. This beautiful, mid-spring bloomer originated at Mrs Johnson’s garden in Kinlough, Co Leitrim some time in the early 1900s and was named in […]

Garrya × issaquahensis ‘Glasnevin Wine’

Garrya × issaquahensis Garrya × issaquahensis, a cross between G. elliptica and G. fremontii, is an evergreen shrub with wavy-edged, leathery foliage which makes a very pleasant contribution to the late-winter/early spring garden when both the tassels and young growth are flushed an attractive wine colour. It will grow to three metres in height and […]

Ruscus aculeatus ‘John Redmond’

Ruscus aculeatus ‘John Redmond’ Ruscus aculeatus is notable as having cladodes rather than leaves. The cladodes are a spine tipped, flattened section of stem and it is on these cladodes that the flowers appear. Although minute, the resulting fruit of the fertilised female flowers reveals their presence. Having escaped from gardens, it occurs in various […]

Bergenia purpurascens ‘Irish Crimson’

Bergenia purpurascens ‘Irish Crimson’ Bergenia purpurascens ‘Irish Crimson’ is an exceptionally attractive plant in winter when its foliage turns an intense rich red with the onset of the first frosts while its spring pink/ruby red flowers above neat, narrow and upright foliage give another display of exquisite beauty. Given its small stature, it is best […]

Leucanthemum ‘Hazel’s Dream’

Leucanthemum ‘Hazel’s Dream’ The daisy has always been appreciated for its simple shape, colour and petal arrangement. Whether it is the modest daisy of our lawns, the wild ox-eye daisy of our roadsides or the impressive Shasta daisy of our gardens, their appeal is perennial and universal. Leucanthemun x superbum, the Shasta daisy, surely the pinnacle […]

Pittosporum ‘Silver Queen’

Pittosporum ‘Silver Queen’ Pittosporum is a genus of approximately 200 species mainly native to Australia and New Zealand. Less than 20 species are commonly cultivated as ornamentals. Those grown in gardens are chosen for the evergreen foliage which ranges from glossy green through variegated forms to those with deep purple foliage. An added advantage is […]

Hypericum ‘Rowallane’

Hypericum ‘Rowallane’ As shrubs, Hypericum tends not to be valued highly by gardeners, perhaps because of associations with new housing developments and supermarket car parks. Possibly for this reason the beautiful Hypericum ‘Rowallane’, which holds an RHS Award of Garden Merit, seems to have fallen out of favour which is a great shame. It is […]