Maeve Bell, Chairperson IGPS Northern Ireland, welcoming Matthew Jebb and those attending to the talk at Malone House.
In his talk ‘A View from the Palm House’, Matthew Jebb, Director of the National Botanic Gardens, entranced a large audience in Belfast with a series of inter-connections between art, architecture, plants, people, invasive species, climate change and much more besides.

A wonderful attendance at Matthew’s talk
Perhaps the most stunning moment was when he produced the seeds of the entire flora of the island of Ireland – all contained in a match box. IGPS  members were joined by some of the staff from Belfast Botanic Gardens and committee members of the Friends of  Belfast Botanic Gardens for the event in Malone House, kindly made available by Belfast Parks Department, its stunning seasonal decorations adding to everyone’s enjoyment
A moment to amaze the audience – this matchbox contains seed from all the flora of the island of Ireland. Matthew is showing them to Billy McCone, IGPS Chairperson


The raffle at these talks is always great fun. Among the prizes on this occasion was a selection of daffodils from Brian Duncan and they attracted great attention. Here is Pat Cameron, one of the winners in the raffle with her prize, Astelia chathamica ‘Silver Spear’.


And, finally, it is always enjoyable to finish off a good night with a welcome cup of tea

Many thanks to Maeve Bell and Barbara Kelso for the fabulous photographs and write-up on the night.