Tourin House

Tourin House, located in Cappoquin, Co. Waterford is home to the Jamesons, of Italianate design, completed in 1841, with gardens that date back to the original dwelling house, Tourin Castle, which was built in 1560.

There are about 25 acres of gardens, which include woodland walks, and the broad walk, a fashionable element in Victorian times. This links the house to the pleasure gardens and walled garden. The rock garden is located here too with many alpine plants carpeting the ground in springtime. Much of the planting seen today is the work of the present owner’s mother, Didi Jameson. A keen plants woman, she introduced a lot of rare and unusual specimens to the garden.

The walled garden was built in the 18th century to supply the Tower house with fruit, vegetables, and flowers. There is an impressive collection of more than 100 bearded iris growing here, a sight to behold in early summer. From the walled garden, there is a walk that goes through the stable yard and past the tower house, through some newly planted areas of woodland onto the banks of the Blackwater as it heads for the sea called Tourin Quay.

This tour will take place on Saturday 8th of June 11am.  More details to follow in the Ebulletin sent out to members.