This little volume is a collection of fact-filled snippets about trees and related topics – people and places, facts and figures, the odd and unusual, the fascinating and the amazing, nearly 100 entries covering all matters arboreal. Jane Maloof is founder and director of the Old-Growth Forest Network and the perfect person, given her experience and enthusiasm, to assemble such a collection.

It is a pick-me-up at anytime type of book, a collection of short reads to be enjoyed at a free moment with each guaranteed to be of interest though, it must be mentioned, that the content is heavily weighted to North American topics. It is illustrated throughout by Maren Westfall’s line drawings.

Given the season which is just upon us I could comment that it would make an excellent stocking filler for the gardener in your life!

[Treepedia, Joan Maloof, Princeton Press, Oxfordshire, 2021, Hardback, 143 pages, £10, ISBN: 978-0-691-20875-6]