The Irish Garden, A Cultural History

The Irish Garden, A Cultural History  The Irish Garden, A Cultural History by Peter Dale, Illustrated by Brian Lalor What is it that makes an Irish garden different? Our gardens and what we can grow in them are most influenced by our climate and soil type. Devon, Cornwall, western Scotland and, indeed, many parts of England […]

The Irish Garden by Jane Powers and Jonathan Hession, A Review

In a combination of lusciously delicious text and exquisite photography, Jane Powers and Jonathan Hession have produced the most wonderful and delightful book on Irish gardens. Although there was a short interlude when Jane spent some years of childhood in America she is truly an Irish woman as she has spent most of her life […]

The Irish Garden – Jane Powers and Jonathan Hession

Jane Powers’ new book, with husband photographer Jonathan Hession, The Irish Garden, will be published next April. With 400 pages and describing approximately 60 gardens it will be the biggest treatment of Irish gardens in 15 years. We are familiar with Jane’s writing from her years with the Irish Times, now with The Sunday Times […]