New Irish Heritage Plant Collection at Holywood College
(L-R – Billy McCone, Joanna Loane, Nichola Monk and Helen McAneney)
“Joanna Loane is adding to SERC’s Holywood Campus garden, with native Irish plants and Irish Cultivars”
Aspiring to start an Irish Heritage Plant collection at the South Eastern Regional College (SERC) campus garden in Holywood, Co. Down. IGPS committee member and horticultural tutor Joanna Loane, receives her first group of plants from Botanical Art students and fellow IGPS members Billy McCone, Nichola Monk and Helen McAneney.  Soon to be recorded as part of the IGPS dispersed collection with Plant Heritage, Joanna’s collection consisted of Escallonia ‘Glasnevin Hybrid’, Philadelphus ‘Rosa Syringa’, Rosa ‘Rambling Rector’ and Hesperantha ‘Mrs Hegarty’, with the promise of more to come including daffodils bred by our honorary member Brian Duncan.
Text and photo courtesy of Billy McCone