At the annual Snowdrop Gala in County Carlow, regular attendees are Brian and Betty Duncan, making the trip South year after year. February 3rd 2024 saw Brian celebrate a significant milestone, his 90th birthday, and to mark the occasion on January 26th a snowdrop was presented to Brian and Betty to bring them both into the world of the famed galanthophiles.
The snowdrop in question is a late, large flowering G. elwesii variety and is highly scented. It is long flowering and has large olive-coloured ovaries. A simple horse shoe inner green marking is also noted.
(L-R Hester Forde, Brian Duncan and Betty Duncan, image courtesy of Hester Forde)
The history of the snowdrop is that it came from Helen Dillon and was given to Assumpta Broomfield and then to Altamont over 25 years ago. It was always known as “that good snowdrop”. Years of division and minding by Robert Miller at the walled garden has kept it going. The snowdrop will be officially named Galanthus ‘B and B Duncan’ (Brian and Betty Duncan). Many thanks to Robert Miller on the giving of the snowdrop.
Text courtesy of Hester Forde. Many thanks to Hester for providing this piece (cover photo by Andrew Gee).
Brian is an Honorary Member of the IGPS and holder of the prestigious Victoria Medal of Honour (VMH) from the RHS. Congratulations to Brian and Betty!