Left to right: Yvette Jones, Janet Edwardes, Martin Edwardes, Matthew Pottage, Margaret Mc Auliffe and Ted Kiely

Matthew Pottage, Curator of RHS Garden Wisley, delivered a very interesting talk to IGPS members and guests in Cork this evening. He gave a brief outline of the history of the Royal Horticultural Society with particular reference to the garden at Wisley, an overview of the gardens as they are at present and an outline of an astonishing and ambitious range of plans for developments in the coming few years.  The talk was followed by a lively and most engaging Q & A where Matthew gave most generously of his time and the range of questions reflected the deep interest the audience had in his presentation.

Yvette Jones, Matthew Pottage and Bruno Nicolai setting up for this evening’s talk
Bruno Nicolai and Matthew Pottage setting up for the talk this evening.

Gathering for this evening’s talk
Rory Newell and Bruno Nicolai at this evening’s talk