• Dublin Garden Group
    The Dublin Garden Group (DGG) consists of Ireland’s 14 most distinguished private gardens in the greater Dublin area. This website gives full details of locations, opening times and contact details.
  • Heritage Ireland
    The Department of Environment and Local Government website provides information on the the many and varied heritage sites Ireland has to offer. Discover Ireland’s Parks, Monuments, Gardens, Inland Waterways, and National Cultural Institutions.


  • Botanic Gardens Conservation International
    BGCI is the foremost source for info on Botanic Gardens around the World, particularly on the Global Strategy for Plant Consertvation. The plant search facility allows plants to be located in botanic gardens throughout the world. Its latest offering is a free email newsletter: ‘Cultivate’ featuring garden news, topical articles, opinions, garden of the month and your feedback.
  • PlantNetwork, the Plant Collections Network of Britain and Ireland, formerly known as PlantNet, is the national network of botanic gardens, arboreta and other documented plant collections.
    • promoting botanical collections in Britain and Ireland as a national resource for research, conservation and education.
    • facilitating networking and training among holders of plant collections through a programme of conferences and workshops and a regular newsletter.

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