IGPS South Belfast Garden Ramble, September 2020

IGPS South Belfast Garden Ramble

On Saturday 5th September, we had a very enjoyable visit to three very different town gardens, all in close proximity in BT9, Richmond Park South Belfast, and all owned by members of the IGPS.


Garden 1 owned by Adrian Walsh

This garden combines an imaginative and colourful planting of perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees designed to crescendo in late summer. A new shade border has been recently planted.

Garden 2 owned by Maureen Reid

Planting areas are maximised by the clever use of levels and contours. It has an eclectic mix of shrubs, herbaceous plants and climbers with a semi-circular pergola extending outwards in two directions, giving structure to the garden and enhancing the space.

Garden 3 owned by Maeve Bell

The largest of the three gardens, features varied and colour-themed planting schemes and a growing collection of Irish plants which, together with the mature trees and formal and informal features, brings a country house garden vibe to the city.

Text and photographs from Barbara Kelso.