On Saturday April 1st, members of the IGPS and public visited the garden through the National Garden Scheme.

Moira and Lesley used to live next door to each other in Belfast. Lesley escaped to Balloo in 1986 but Moira followed in 2004 by converting the barn across the yard. Today, they garden the whole one acre site together with the help of their gardener, Fergal, and Jamie who more recently assists with preparation for National Garden Scheme.

It’s not an easy garden, on a drumlin with thin, stony soil and a very steep slope to the north.

They began by some clearing and initial planting in the front and back gardens but more importantly, started to plant lots of trees in the two fields. Their main passions are daffodils, roses and trees but the garden has been designed to have something of interest at all times of the year.


There were a wide array of daffodils in bloom and all visitors were presented with a wonderfully comprehensive list of plants and pictorial reference sheet. It was a fabulous garden and great day to catch up with fellow members and purchase some Spring delights at the IGPS Plant sale.


Left to right:
IGPS members William McCone, Rick Lawrence, Nichola Monk, Andrew Gee, Maeve Bell and Agnes Peacocke.
Courtesy of Rosie Campbell.