We were delighted to have a good number of members join us for our guided tour of Fota Island gardens with Head Gardener, David O’Regan, on Saturday, 14th of October last.

Meeting with David O’Regan in front of the house before we began our walk around the garden.

David met us at the house and gave us a wonderfully informative introduction to our walk with a history of the estate, the house and the gardens bringing us right up to date with the latest developments and possible plans for the future.

David O’Regan, Head Gardener at Fota Island, and our guide for the day

Afterwards we took a pleasant stroll around the gardens with David pointing out the especially interesting trees and shrubs telling us their story – with many trees well over a century old there were many interesting stories! Of course, all was not history as new introductions are being planted each season so that the garden continues to develop and change.


Around the gardens

Any garden visit is improved greatly when you can walk with the gardener and David made this a very special day for us.

Many thanks to him and to the members of the IGPS Munster committee who organised the visit.

And, finally, our youngest member on the day enjoying a quiet moment with her grandmother – and by lunchtime she had a new baby sister so, congratulations and best wishes!

Paddy Tobin.