Congratulations to IGPS Claire Woods on receiving an MBE

Congratulations to Claire Woods, member of the IGPS Northern Committee and Garden Manager of Hillsborough Castle and Gardens, who was appointed MBE in the recent Birthday Honours List granted by HM the King.

Claire is Head Gardener at Hillsborough Castle, the official residence of the Secretary of State and it plays a central role in visits by the Royal family. The King’s interest in gardening and the environment are well known and he has taken a particular interest in the Hillsborough gardens and their renaissance.

Claire was appointed to the post five years ago and has been instrumental in guiding the development and transformation of the gardens- a very big job given the extent and particular needs of the site. Her award has extra poignancy in that it recognises the role she played in the events that followed the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Our heartfelt congratulations are sent and trust she has a day to remember when she attends the Palace.