What a wonderful event! This afternoon we had the book launch of Seamus O’Brien’s “In the Footsteps of Joseph Dalton Hooker –  A Sikkim Adventure”,  organised by the committee of IGPS Munster and hosted by Fota House.

Kirsten Jameson had travelled with Seamus in Sikkim and introduced Seamus this afternoon.
Some of the attendance at Fota House.

It was a wonderful venue, a great attendance, a delightful introduction by Kristen Jameson and an outstanding talk by Seamus. Those who attended were delighted; book sales were brisk … it was a great afternoon!

Seamus – in the manner which is truly only his – gave us a gallop tour of Joseph Dalton Hooker’s travels in Sikkim with plants discovered, people encountered, connections explained and dates and details tripping off the tip of his tongue! It was an outstanding talk.
Seamus presenting a copy of his book to Fota House as a token of appreciation for their hosting today’s event.

If you have missed our book launches, you can order the book online from Kew Books     

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