Meeting up at Conrad McCormick’s Garden at Ballycastle was an opportunity to say a last goodbye to the past IGPS web site manager Audrey O’Kane, before leaving for Nottingham Trent University.

Audrey, originally from Hong Kong, had worked in Germany and New York before moving to Downhill, Co. Derry. After recent placements in the National Botanic Gardens Kilmacurragh and Ravensberg Nursery Co. Offaly, Audrey intends to complete a BSC in Horticulture.

Nichola Monk and Billy McCone who had worked closely with Audrey on the development of IGPS web site, speak of the skills and inspiration that Audrey brought to the Society.

Billy remarked -‘Audrey did a lot of essential work behind the scenes that no one sees.’

‘Amazing knowledge, she’ll be greatly missed’ says Nichola –

Very Best Wishes to Audrey from everyone.


Nichola Monk, Audrey O’Kane and Billy McCone