Plant Sale, Saturday 15th

Plant Sale on Saturday next – see Fixtures for full details – look to the right column here.

Come along early and you could get one of these Irish heritage plants. They are in very small supply so it is a case of first come, first served. Good plant hunting!


Anemone nemerosa 'Robinsoniana', one of the Irish heritage plants available at the Plant Sale next Saturday
Anemone nemerosa ‘Robinsoniana’, one of the Irish heritage plants available at the Plant Sale next Saturday

Agapanthus ‘Kilmurry Blue’

Agapanthus ‘Kilmurry White’,

Bergenia ‘Ballawley’, Ballawley Park, Dundrum, 1940

Crocosmia ‘Irish Dawn’

Crocosmia ‘Kilmurry Orange’

Crocosmia masoniorum ‘Rowallane Orange’, from Rowallane, 1998

Crocosmia masoniorum ‘Rowallane Yellow’, from Rowallane, 1970

Dierama ‘Kilmurry Seedling’

Eryngium x zabelii ‘Donard Variety’, Slieve Donard Nursery 1950

Iris chrysosgraphes ‘Kilmurry Black’, no info own selection

Osteospermum ‘Lady Leitrim’, Mulroy House, 1970

Rodgersia pinnata ‘Irish Bronze’, Ballawley Park, Dundrum

Rudbeckia ‘Dublin’

Tradescantia ‘Kilmurry Purple’

Verbena hastata ‘Kilmurry’,
3 x Berberis darwinii Nana, Daisy Hill intro before 1910
3 x Rosmarinus officinalis Prostrata, Daisy Hill pre 1906
3 x Parthenocissus henryana

3 x Azara microphylla ‘Variegata’, from Gumbletons house in Cork, pre 1910
3 x Berberis x stenophylla ‘Corallina Compacta’, Daisy Hill 1905
3 x Garrya x issaquanensis. ‘Glasnevin Wine’, Celbridge, 1985
3 x Dasiphora (Potentilla) fruticosa ‘Longacre’, Newcasatle, Down, pre 1950
2 x Emmenopterys henryi

5 x Omphalodes ‘Starry Eyes’, Rathfarnham, 1981
5 x Crocosmia ‘Rowallane Yellow’, 1970, at Rowallane
5 x Anemone nemerosa ‘Robinsoniana’, possibly Irish, maybe not!!
5 x Geranium himalayense ‘Irish Blue’, Leixlip, 1947
10 x Geranium psilostemon ‘Mt Venus’, no info, new from there

3 x Hebe ‘Headfortii’, from Headfort, seeds from NZ though
3 x Griselinia ‘Bantry Bay’, McKenzie, Illnacullin, 1950, branch sport
3 x Escallonia ‘Glasnevin Hybrid’, NBG 1910
4 x Berberis x carminea ‘Buccaneer’, Watsons Nursery Killiney, pre 1940
3 x Philadelphus ‘Rose Syringa’, pre 1890
1 x Dianthus ‘Chomley Farran’, Braemor Park, Dublin 1975
4 x Cryptomeria japonica ‘Kilmacurragh’, pre 1922 there
3 x Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Kilmacurragh’, pre 1933 there
2 x Cotoneaster bradyi, intro to NBG 1995 named for Director, raised from seed from China in Sweden
2 x Berberis x carminea Barbarossa’, Watsons Nursery Killiney, pre 1940
3 x Sambucus nigra f, porphyrophylla ‘Guincho Purple’, pre 1970, from Scotland intro by Mackie at Guincho